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Pet Portraits

All custom pieces are designed to perfectly bring your vision to life! While I do enjoy venturing into different esthetics, project genres and expanding my portfolio, I will not recreate another artists work or pattern. Contact me to discuss your ideas!

One of my favorite designs to make are tributes to your furry friends! My mission is to create a piece that captures the personality and characteristics of your pet in a way that is playful and realistic. Contact me for more information!

Photo of Courtney, the artist


Hey y'all! My name's Courtney and I'm a self taught stained glass artist creating in the DFW area. I first began this glass journey in January 2021 when I became determined to be more creative in my life. I've always admired glass work so I felt a calling to pick up the craft.

The first two pieces I ever created were a dove and a hummingbird, hence where my business found its name.

-It all began with two glass birds-

I've enjoyed meeting other artists and making connections through the supportive community I've found. I look forward to seeing where this small business takes me in the future.

Thanks for joining on this adventure!


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